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Roof Renovations

Roof Coating Service

One of the most asked for services is roof coating, which is available for both residential and commercial buildings. Roof coating is a service that can work as a better look for your home or even a protection layer for weather conditions.
In short, the roof coating service will allow protecting your roof against unforeseen weather conditions, including rain or storms, while also keeping restricting certain populations of insects from infiltrating it, including moss and liches. These features will be achieved while still maintaining an elegant appearance for your roof. Like the rest of our services, a roof coating is considered as a cheap benefit provided to you by UK Renovations.
The whole roof coating idea was first developed in Australia around 40 years ago, which is what inspired UK Renovations to pick up the idea and perfect it. We strive to provide the best roof coating service by using technology that is not used elsewhere, providing you with a top-quality roof coating. We care to train our team of experts with exclusive information, ensuring top-quality service delivery.

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What Should You Expect?

The following steps will give you a small idea on how we achieve the roof coating service:

  • Full inspection of your roof, ensuring all cracks and damaged areas treated effectively.
  • Your roof is then cleaned completely using pressure cleaning techniques to remove any debris that would affect the roof coating quality.
  • After cleaning, more damage may appear that is inspected and acted upon directly.
  • To help prevent certain insects from inhabiting your roof, a layer of Mould Rid is spread across the surface area evenly, which disallows moss, mildew, and lichen growth.
  • Certain material might be used as an adhesion for coating, including high build primer.
  • Roof coating is then applied, which includes a coat of two different colors.
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7-Year Guarantee

Our service supports you with a 7-year guarantee which keeps your roof safe no matter the conditions. Our service already covers hundreds of homes in the UK, keeping their roofs safe, why are you waiting? Keep your home safe through our roof coating service without spending a lot of money.

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