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Roughcast & Render

Roughcasting & Render Service

Walls play an important role in keeping your home safe and sound. Keeping your exterior walls well-handled is important to ensure rigid support against different conditions, including extreme weather. Definitely, in the UK region, there are many different storms, wet weather conditions, and strong winds that act as a destructive factor to your walls. But Renovations Direct has worked to provide you with a Roughcasting service that will help maintain your walls strong and steady with a flare to its look. Roughcasting includes the use of plaster surfaces to your walls to help keep them stronger and repair and damages. When your walls are slightly affected, you should act upon it quickly to prevent complications from arising.

Our roughcasting service is perfect for ensuring getting you the results you need. In addition to that, Renovation Direct also specializes in rendering, which is another format of roughcasting, which is another approach to solve your wall problems. Either way, you are going to have a strong wall that will withstand all weather conditions no matter how harsh they are.

Roughcasting and rendering are formed by mixing lime, cement, sand, gravel, and pebbles making a material that will be used to make your walls stronger. Not only will you get stronger walls, but you will be able to get a stronger household that is safer, but you will do it at affordable prices.

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The Process

The following steps explain how the process of roughcasting will be applied to your home in minimum time with high quality:

  • The environment around the work area is covered up to prevent a mess from taking place, especially around windows.
  • Walls are inspected to find damaged areas and to be cleaned from all extra particles on it. Any necessary repair that has to be assessed is handled accordingly.
  • Beading is essential to keep a strong finish that does not crack.
  • Rendering’s first coat is applied to the walls and left to dry.
  • A second coat is then applied with the roughcasting finish placed on it to perfect the finish.
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Quality Work

At Renovations Direct, we focus on quality more than anything else. The type of services we provide do not hold a margin for error; hence our value forces us to provide you with quality work at all times. Our team of experts is well-trained to help deliver your needs, with a flare to get you the look you are looking for. All of this can be provided at an affordable price due to the technology we use. The quality of our service will refrain you from needing to acquire these services again for a long time.

For all the roughcasting projects we tackle, we only use premium quality mortar and aggregates to ensure that exterior walls remain attractive, watertight, and properly protected from the elements. We also make sure that the application of the roughcast is carried out by our team of experts so that the repair color and finish textures complement each other and ensure proper coverage.

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Enhance the water-resistant properties of your home with this rendering technology. Our team is experts in applying roughcast to all types of roofing structures.


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