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Wall Renovations

Wall Coating Service

Your walls are easily subjected to being damaged or having malformations from many different factors. This would include time effect, wearing, weather conditions, natural disasters, or even construction. Deformations in your wall may appear in the form of Hairline cracks splits or walls coming apart. Dealing with these problems is definitely over budget and takes a lot of effort and time to be achieved. However, don’t get frustrated yet, as we at Renovations Direct provide you with the perfect service that can get your walls looking fresh without you spending eighth of what you were about to spend.

At Renovations Direct, we provide you with the perfect wall coating service that can maintain your walls well-being while giving it a look that is as good as new. Our service includes the best wall restoration techniques out there, using wall coating that would endure the different conditions. Having deformations in your wall is considered extreme as it can have complications due to the moisture and water that can enter in the tiny crack. Instead of escalating the problem to damping, damage, or rotting siding, get your wall renovated at Renovations Direct.

This service will ensure that your walls will no longer face any problems, which include dampness or cracks. Other than having healthy and steady walls for a number of years, you are going to enjoy a new fresh look for your house with only a tiny cost at it. This new coating will save your wall from certain common problems, which include leaks, mould and mildew growth, and pollution. With that, you no longer have to waste money, time, and effort regularly cleaning your exterior walls.

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The Process

The process of wall restoration is an easy and fast process that will not be a hassle to you. In order for you to understand what to expect exactly from our team of experts, the following is a simple guideline to how we achieve the task:

  • The work area is sealed, and protective sheets are used for convenience, which prevents any mess from occurring during the process.
  • The cleaning cycle starts, where the walls are taken from top to bottom to remove any dirt, dust, loose paint, and moss growth.
  • The rest of the environment and work area is covered thoroughly to prevent any extensive mess.
  • Any extra areas that need construction after clean up are dealt with accordingly.
  • Mould Rid is applied, which is a layer that prevents any moss from growing within the walls.
  • Wall coating is now placed, which includes adding two paint layers; one is sprayed on while the other is placed manually with a roller.
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7 Year Guarantee

At Renovations Direct, we take our work seriously, and we care to provide our customers with the best experience out there. Even though we know, you won’t need it, but the wall coating has a 7-year guarantee that can be used for any defect that happens to the walls. Don’t hesitate any more and start with your new wall coating to help get your house look as fresh and as new as it should be.

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